10 plugins for keyword track

5 This plugin allows you to track installs and events using MobileAppTracking.
iOS Tracker
3 iOS Tracker Plugin for TourTrak
3 Cordova Plugin for Google App Install Conversion Tracking
iOS Tracker
3 iOS Tracker Plugin for TourTrak
1 Sends GPS location of the device to a remote server intervally.
Google Analytics Plugin
1 Phonegap, Cordova, Intel XDK Google Analytics plugin for iOS/Android with full support for views, events, timings, ecommerce and social. Supports userId and campaign url.
Tag Manager
1 Google Tag Manager plugin for analytics tracking with support for events and pageviews.
0 Track Location Info in Background
0 Plugin for FIFTagHandler Native SDKs (Android, iOS)
0 Cordova Amazon FirePhone Head Tracking Plugin