This plugin will force a webview invalidation and redraw. It's a workaround for the android issue that can sometimes occur with a full screen webview where dynamically altering the HTML/CSS content in the page does not trigger a redraw of the altered elements.
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.plugin.redraw

Cordova Refresh plugin

This little plugin allows forcing the cordova webview to invalidate, triggering a full redraw of the component. This is to allow working around rendering issues in some versions of Android when the webview isn't responding to dynamic CSS or HTML content updates in JavaScript.

Use responsibly, overdoing the refresh calls will have a negative impact on battery life.


With cordova-cli

If you are using cordova-cli, install with:

cordova plugin add

With plugman

With a plain plugman, you should be able to install with something like:

plugman --platform <ios|android> --project <directory> --plugin

Use from Javascript