Wizard Utils Plugin

This plugin allows you to access various app and device information, as well as copy/paste and restart app utilities.
Ally Ogilvie - aogilvie@wizcorp.jp1.0.011
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add jp.wizcorp.phonegap.plugin.wizUtilsPlugin


  • PhoneGap Version : 3.0
  • last update : 23/01/2014


PhoneGap plugin for general utility functions to access information from the native OS.

Install (with Plugman - example iOS)

cordova plugin add https://github.com/Wizcorp/phonegap-plugin-wizUtils
cordova build ios

< or >

phonegap local plugin add https://github.com/Wizcorp/phonegap-plugin-wizUtils
phonegap build ios

Example Code

Get App File Name

    wizUtils.getAppFileName(Function success);

returns String eg. "game.app" (iOS) or "game.apk" (Android)

Get Bundle Version

    wizUtils.getBundleVersion(Function success); 

returns String eg. "1.0.0"

Get Bundle Display Name

    wizUtils.getBundleDisplayName(Function success); 

returns String eg. "bundleDisplayName" ''

Get Bundle Identifier

    wizUtils.getBundleIdentifier(Function success);

returns String eg. "com.bundle.identifier"

Get Device Height

  wizUtils.getDeviceHeight(Function success); 

returns Int eg. 480

Get Device Width

    wizUtils.getDeviceWidth(Function success); 

returns Int eg. 320

Get Text

    wizUtils.getText(Function success, Function failure);

returns String (current clipboard/clipbuffer text)

Set Text

    wizUtils.setText(String text, Function success, Function failure);

Sets the current clipboard/clipbuffer text


    wizUtils.restart(Boolean true/false);

Restart the app.

  • If a boolean value of true is passed, the splash screen will be shown.
  • If a boolean value of false is passed, the splash screen will not be shown.
  • If the AutoHideSplashScreen key is set to YES in the Cordova.plist file.
  • Otherwise, the splash screen will not be shown.