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Diont for Cordova

Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks. This Cordova plugin discovers services that are announced by Diont servers on the local network (wifi), either by other mobile devices that use this Diont plugin, or by a Nodejs Diont server.


  • 100% complete: no extra dependencies
  • allows for transmitting extra, arbitrary service information
  • operates smoothly with Diont for Nodejs


Install the plugin with cordova using this command

cordova plugin add "https://github.com/willemmulder/Diont-for-Cordova.git"

or install via Plugman and search for Diont.

The Diont plugin will be available as the Diont global variable in your Javascript code. See 'Get started' for an example.

Get started

var diont = Diont();

// ======
// Listen for announcements and renouncements in services
// ======
diont.on("serviceAnnounced", function(serviceInfo) {
    // A service was announced
    // This function triggers for services not yet available in diont.getServiceInfos()
    // serviceInfo is an Object { isOurService : Boolean, service: Object }
    // service.name, service.host and service.port are always filled
    console.log("A new service was announced", serviceInfo.service);
    // List currently known services
    console.log("All known services", diont.getServiceInfos());

diont.on("serviceRenounced", function(serviceInfo) {
    console.log("A service was renounced", serviceInfo.service);
    console.log("All known services", diont.getServiceInfos());

// ======
// Announce our own service
// ======
var service = {
    name: "TestServer 1",
    host: "", // when omitted, defaults to the local IP
    port: "1231"
    // any additional information is allowed and will be propagated

// Renounce after 5 seconds
setTimeout(function() {
}, 5000);


Thanks to Gramakri for his Cordova Datagram plugin that served as the inspiration for the UDP parts of this plugin.