Phonegap Build Oauth Plugin

Use this plugin to authenticate users using Oauth on Phonegap Build.
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add

Phonegap Build Oauth Plugin

Use this plugin in a PhoneGap / Cordova application to authenticate users via Oauth on Phonegap Build, and obtain an access token which can be used with the PhoneGap Build Developer API.

Supported Platforms

iOS only so far.


plugman install --platform ios --project /path/to/myproject --plugin --var CLIENT_ID=5tg33it CLIENT_SECRET=93htf93hr

A CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET can be obtained by registering your application on Phonegap Build.


PhonegapBuildOauth.login(username, password, successCallback, failureCallback);


PhonegapBuildOauth.login("", "password", function(r) {
    console.log('Authenticated successfully, access token is ' + r.access_token);
}, function(r) {
    console.log('Failed to authenticate, response code was ', r.code);