This plugin will return the version of your App that you have set in packaging it. I.e. it will always match the version in the app store.
platforms: android,blackberry10,ios,windows8,wp8
$ cordova plugin add

Cordova AppVersion plugin

Reads the version of your app from the target build settings.


With cordova-cli

If you are using cordova-cli, install with:

cordova plugin add

With plugman

With a plain plugman, you should be able to install with something like:

plugman --platform <ios|android> --project <directory> --plugin

Manually in iOS

TODO: Write these instructions

Manually in Android

TODO: Write these instructions

Use from Javascript

If you are using jQuery, use:

cordova.getAppVersion().then(function (version) {

If not:

cordova.getAppVersion(function (version) {


Written by Robert (Jamie) Munro at White October

Code based on the following Stack Overflow posts: