Google Maps native SDK for Android and iOS
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add


This plugin helps you leverage Google Maps Android SDK v2 and Google Maps SDK for iOS with your JavaScript. Both PhoneGap and Apache Cordova are supported.



You can see an example here. phonegap-googlemaps-plugin-v1.2.4.apk

$> adb install phonegap-googlemaps-plugin-v1.2.4.apk


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What's up?


  • Bug fixes

Check out the release notes.


Do you want to use marker cluster?

Marker clustering is the technique for grouping some markers based on bounds. This reduces the marker on the map, and reduce the memory usage.

The marker clustering is not available for everyone yet, it has still been developming. However if you want to use it right now, please donate $25 US dollers, and let me know your Github account. I will invite you to the different repository. Currently, the beta version for Android is available.

Bountysource / $500

You can find the development updates at Bountysource.

Support for this project

This project has been developmenting by one person "Masashi", including bug fixing, new feature development, do presentations, writing documents, and so on. Yes, I like them. However I put in plenty of time for your convenience. And because of many people use this plugin on various Android / iOS, I need to buy a new phone for checking.

If you feel good for this plugin, please help this project. I offer the beta project sometimes. Any amount is appreciated. Best regards,

Are you an English speaker?

As you may know, I'm Japanese. So my English vocabulary is still poor. If you feel the written English is not proper, feel free to edit it.

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If you find an issue using this plugin, don't leave, and let me know on the issue list or on the official community.