Native Camera

Android Native Camera with Flash, Rear Facing Camera, Autozoom. iOS Camera mirror of Apache Camera (cordova-plugin-camera)
platforms: android,ios,windows8
$ cordova plugin add org.wbt11a.nativecamera

Fork Note: This is a shameful rip of the below mentioned repository. Minor modifications have been made but the credit belongs to github member "shaithana". Original: shaithana/cordova-plugin-wezka-nativecamera

Added the files iOS and Windows8 camera files from to make an inclusive package.

Updates mirrored from Grassik as well.


This is a fork of the official camera plugin from Apache. The custom camera portion is specifically for Android. It is stock iOS / WP8 Camera calls otherwise.

It uses a custom activity to run in the foreground in Android to prevent Cordova from being killed.

It is adapted from

It offers advanced features such as flash support (auto/on/off), the tap-focus/exposure and the correct handling of image rotation.

To install this plugin, follow the Command-line Interface Guide.

If you are not using the Cordova Command-line Interface, follow Using Plugman to Manage Plugins.