A polyfill for ES6-style Promises, tracking npm es6-promise
Vlad Stirbu1.0.01
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add com.vladstirbu.cordova.promise


ES6-Promises polyfill for Cordova/PhoneGap


The web view components on Cordova supported platforms lack suport for ES6 Promise. A polyfill library bundled with the plugin fixes the limitation. However, as more plugin use promises, the application developer using these plugins will end up with multiple promise polyfill libraries.

This plugin attempts to fix this situation by providing a Promise polyfill so that other plugins can rely on this functionality.

How to use

Configure your plugin's plugin.xml by adding this dependency:


Cordova CLI takes care to install PromisesPlugin automatically:

$ cordova plugins add {yourPlugin}

> Installing "{youtPlugin}" for {platform}
> Installing "com.vladstirbu.cordova.promise" for {platfrom}

This is all. window.Promise is available for use in your plugin.

The plugin is available also in PhoneGap Build.


This plugin wraps es6-promise in a Cordova/PhoneGap friendly way.


The plugin is available under MIT license.