platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add com.citronium.lineaprocdv


Quick start

To start plugin need to execute 'LineaProCDV.initDT()' method. Recommended to add this into 'deviceready' handler.

!!! You must add section "SupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols" into "[Project Name].plist" file. This section should include the following items:

  • com.datecs.iserial.communication
  • com.datecs.pinpad

Sample cordova project

The sample project which is using this plugin available here

Device support

Universal plugin for following devices:

  • PPAD 1.0
  • MPED-400
  • BluePad-500
  • BluePad-50
  • Infinea TAB mini
  • Infinea TAB 4
  • Infinea TAB
  • Linea Pro 5
  • Linea Pro 4
  • PP-60
  • iSerial
  • Linea-Pro

Supported features:

  • Automatically device connection
  • Log all events
  • Start/Stop Barcode methods

Additional info

Using iOS SDK from

Tested on Cordova ver.3.3

(c) Citronium, 2014