ZBar barcode scanner

Plugin to integrate with the ZBar barcode scanning library.
TJ Woon (tj@cloudsky.org)1.2.02
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add org.cloudsky.cordovaplugins.zbar

ZBar Barcode Scanner Plugin

This plugin integrates with the ZBar library, exposing a JavaScript interface for scanning barcodes (QR, 2D, etc).


cordova plugins install org.cloudsky.cordovaplugins.zbar


This plugin is released under the Apache 2.0 license, but the ZBar library on which it depends (and which is distribute with this plugin) is under the LGPL license (2.1).


Scan barcode

cloudSky.zBar.scan(params, onSuccess, onFailure)


  • params: Optional parameters:

        text_title: "OPTIONAL Title Text - default = 'Scan QR Code'", // Android only
        text_instructions: "OPTIONAL Instruction Text - default = 'Please point your camera at the QR code.'", // Android only
        camera: "front" || "back" // defaults to "back"
        flash: "on" || "off" || "auto" // defaults to "auto". See Quirks
  • onSuccess: function (s) {...} Callback for successful scan.

  • onFailure: function (s) {...} Callback for cancelled scan or error.


  • success('scanned bar code') Successful scan with value of scanned code
  • error('cancelled') If user cancelled the scan (with back button etc)
  • error('misc error message') Misc failure


  • Android: DONE
  • iOS: DONE


  • Android: Flash "on" may cause the flash to alternate between on and off at about a half second/one second interval, instead of making it stay on...