Document Handler

A phonegap plugin to handle documents (f.e. PDFs) given by URL.
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add ch.ti8m.documenthandler


A PhoneGap plugin to handle documents (e.g. PDFs) loaded from a URL.


The plugin exposes one method on the window object:

handleDocumentWithURL(successHandler, failureHandler, url)

The parameters:

  • successHandler: Should be a function. Is called when the file download is done and the file is shown to the user.
  • failureHandler: Should be a function. Is called when there was a problem with downloading the file. The function takes an argument which is usually 1 (undefined error). Also see Android section.
  • url: A URL to a document. Any cookies the system has for this server are passed along. This ensures that authenticated downloads also work.


The plugin downloads a document and starts an intent, so that other installed applications can open it.

There is a special failure condition on Android, if the system doesn't have any application that can handle the given MIME type. In this case failureHandler will be called with the error code 53.


The plugin downloads the document and provides a preview of the document using the Quick Look framework, including the corresponding actions such as copy, print, etc.

Example usage

  function() {console.log('success');},
  function(error) {
    if(error == 53) {
      console.log('No app that handles this file type.');