Add video chat, screen sharing and co-navigation to your Cordova Application
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add com.showkit.cordova.showkit

Cordova plugin for ShowKit

Integrate video chat and screensharing into your Cordova application in less than 10 minutes!

Supported platforms

  • IOS

Installation and running the example/demo

Replace the cordova command with ionic to get the same results for an Ionic based project. Note that demo and plugin is tested on Cordova CLI 4.0.0 and Ionic CLI 1.2.8.

  1. Create/start a new Cordova app by typing into Terminal:
    cordova create showkit-test or for Ionic ionic start showkit-test

  2. Change working directory to your newly created application cd showkit-test

  3. Install ShowKit plugin into your application: cordova plugin add

    If you get an error that the plugin already exists, do the following to remove the plugin and update it:: cordova plugin remove com.showkit.cordova.showkit

  4. Add IOS as a platform cordova platform add ios

  5. Copy the contents from 'plugins/com.showkit.cordova.showkit/example/www/' to your projects 'www' directory (showkit-test/www)

    NOTE: Ionic users should at least clean the projects 'www' directory first

  6. Add you ShowKit API key to the file 'showkit-test/www/js/index.js'

    onDeviceReady: function() {
        var apiKey = "INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE";
  1. Prepare project for IOS build cordova prepare ios

  2. Open the file 'showkit-test/platforms/ios/showkit-test.xcodeproj' in Xcode and add -lc++ to the Other Linker Flags, see next:

    NOTE: Change this settings for the showkit-test target (not project) Building IOS project, solve linker errors

  3. Also set Build Active Architecture Only to No and remove armv64 from Valid Architectures, see next: Building IOS project, correct architectures

  4. Repeat step 9 also for the CordovaLib target.