Scringo Plugin for Cordova iOS

Now you can create and manage your mobile community with Scringo for Cordova. For more information go to
Guy Federovsky (
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add com.scringo.cordova.plugin.scringo

Scringo Plugin for Phonegap (Apache Cordova)

Created by Guy Federovsky (

Follows the Cordova Plugin spec, so that it works with Plugman.
To import the plugin please use Plugman or the Cordova CLI tool.

Note: For this to work you need to download and install Scringo SDK within your project.
For iOS, please see for more details.
For Android, please see for more details.

The "scringo" variable is installed globally.

Quick Example (initialization and Sidebar adding)

scringo.initWithAppId("YOUR SCRINGO APP ID",  
                      function() {  
                        console.log("Done Init Scringo");  
                      function(errorMessage) {  
                        alert("Scringo failed to start: " + errorMessage);  

Full Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Cordova Scringo Example</title>

        <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="phonegap.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">

        var deviceReady = false;

         * Function called when page has finished loading.
        function init() {
            document.addEventListener("deviceready", function() {
                                      scringo.initWithAppId("TEST_APP", function() {
                                                            console.log("Done Init Scringo");
                                                            }, function(errorMessage) {
                                                            alert("Scringo failed to start: " + errorMessage);
                                        deviceReady = true;
                                        console.log("Device="+device.platform+" "+device.version);
            window.setTimeout(function() {
                                if (!deviceReady) {
                                    alert("Error: Apache Cordova did not initialize.  Demo will not run correctly.");

        function addScringo() {

        function openScringo() {
            scringo.isSidebarOpen(function(isOpen) {
                                    if (!isOpen) {

        function openMenu() {
            scringo.openMenu(function(errorMessage) {alert("Failed opening Scringo Menu: " + errorMessage);}, 0, 0);

        function preloadQuizzes() {
            scringo.preloadQuizzes(function() {alert("Quizzes were preloaded");});

        function openQuiz() {
            scringo.openQuiz(1, 1);

        function preloadChatRooms() {
            scringo.preloadChatRooms(function() {alert("Chat Rooms were preloaded");});

        function openChatRooms() {
            scringo.openChatRooms(1, 1);

        function openMyProfile() {
            scringo.openMyProfile(1, 1);

        function postToFeed() {
            scringo.postToFeed("Testing Phonegap client", function(errorMessage) {alert(errorMessage);});

        function getInboxBadgeNumber() {
            scringo.getFeatureBadgeNumber(1, function(badge) {alert("Inbox badge is " + badge);}, function(errorMessage) {alert(errorMessage);});

        function openChatWithTestUser() {
            scringo.openChatWithUser("testUser2", 1, 1, function(errorMessage) {alert(errorMessage);});


    <body onload="init();" id="stage" class="theme">

        <h1>Scringo Sample</h1>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="addScringo();">Add Scringo Sidebar</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="openScringo();">Open Scringo Sidebar</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="openMenu();">Open Menu</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="openQuiz();">Open Quizzes</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="openMyProfile();">Open My Profile</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="preloadChatRooms();">Preload Chat Rooms</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="openChatRooms();">Open Chat Rooms</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="postToFeed();">Post To Feed</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="getInboxBadgeNumber();">Get Inbox Badge Number</div>
        <div class="btn large" onclick="openChatWithTestUser();">open Chat With Test User</div>
        <h2> </h2><div class="backBtn" onclick="backHome();">Back</div>