Mail Composer

platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add org.cordova.plugins.MailComposer

Mail Composer

A Cordova plugin to launch mail client with attachment.
Compatible with Cordova >= 2.5.0

Steps to install

  1. Install cordova-plugman.
  2. cd into your project directory.
  3. Execute the following command:
plugman --platform ios --project . --plugin

Steps to uninstall

plugman --uninstall --platform ios --project . --plugin org.cordova.plugins.MailComposer


mailComposer.composeMail([url, fileName]);

url: the URL of the file to be attached
fileName: the name of the file to be attached. The same name would be used as the subject of the mail as well.


mailComposer.composeMail(['/www/docs/doc1.pdf', 'Foo Document']);