Pincode Dialog Plugin
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add com.brentsys.cordova.pincode

Cordova Pincode Keyboard plugin

The cordova.plugins.pincode object provides functions to make interacting with the keyboard easier, and fires events to indicate that the keyboard will hide/show.

cordova plugin add com.brentsys.cordova.pincode


  • cordova.plugins.pincode.createEvent


Shows the PinCode entry keyboard with a title.

cordova.plugins.plugin.createEvent(title, success, error)

Supported Platforms

  • Android



1. install cordova

npm install -g cordova

if you already have cordova installes, make sure you upgrade to the latest version

npm update -g cordova

2. create a cordova project

Navigate (cd) to a directory where you store projects on your file system.

cd <my projects directory>

Using the Cordova CLI, create a Cordova project named PinExample in a directory named pinexample:

cordova create pinexample com.yourname.pinexample PinExample

3. setup your example project

Navigate to the project directory:

cd pinexample

Add support for the Android platform. But before, make sure: 1. the android sdk is available on your system 2. your are in the 'pinexample' directory then

cordova platforms add android

4. add the pincode plugin

cordova plugin add com.brentsys.cordova.pincode
5. modify the index.html file
  1. add a button to test the plugin
  2. add jquery.

your index.html file should somewhatt look loke this..

    <div class="app">
        <h1>Apache Cordova</h1>
        <div id="deviceready" class="blink">
            <p class="event listening">Connecting to Device</p>
            <p class="event received">Device is Ready</p>
    <button id="btn" type="button">Test plugin!</button>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-2.1.3.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/index.js"></script>

6. modify then index.js file

1. initialize the picode variable
var pincode; //<--- initialized variable
var app = {
// Application Constructor
2. set variable and listener after device ready
    onDeviceReady: function() {
    pincode = window.cordova.require('cordova/plugin/pincode'); // <-- pincode variable set after device ready
    $('#btn').on('click', showPincode); // <-- click listener added to button
// Update DOM on a Received Event
3. finally manage button and pincode
//<--- begin added code --->
function success(obj){
    if(obj.cancelled === true){
        window.alert('operation cancelled');
    } else {
        window.alert('pinCode entered: '+ obj.pinCode);
function error(message) { window.alert('Oopsie! ' + message); };
function showPincode(){
    pincode.createEvent('Enter pinCode:', success, error);
//<--- end added code ---->

4 That's it

You should see a standard pin-entry keyboard.

Feel free to report any bug or omission.