Background Service Plugin - Core logic

Framework code that allows the development and operation of an Android Background Service.
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add com.red_folder.phonegap.plugin.backgroundservice

Background Service Plugin Core (bgs-core)

Quick summary

This repository provides the core functionality for the Background Service Plugin for Cordova. The functionality is not a complete plugin - it is intended to be extended by developers to create their own background service.

An example background service is provided in the repository.

Getting started

To understand how to create your own background service it is advised that you read the following articles:

Further documentation can be found at

Questions and Support

If you have problems, then please log an issue against the bgs-core repository (

As the plugin is updated (for new features or fixes) I will tweet via @FolderRed and blog

Older version

This version of the plugin is intended to work with Cordova 3.0.0+

The older version of the plugin is available at Please note however that this older repository is unlikely to be maintained going forwards. It is advised that you move to Cordova 3.x.x as soon as possible.

Spread the love

If you find the Background Service Plugin useful then spread the love.

All the work I do on the Plugin is done in my spare time - time I would otherwise be spending taking my wife out for a nice meal or helping my lad find vinyl records (he's currently very much into The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush).

The Plugin is free and will always remain free. I will continue to develop, maintain and distribute the Plugin under the MIT License.


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