Proximity Kit Plugin for PhoneGap/Cordova
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add com.radiusnetworks.cordova.proximitykit

ProximityKit Plugin for Cordova/PhoneGap

Last Updated 15-October-2014


The plugin is distributed via Github.

To add the plugin to your project, run the following command:

$ cordova plugin add

This will add the plugin to your project's config.xml file and will copy various files into the native src directory for your platforms.

iOS only

For iOS, Proximity Kit uses SQLite internally but just needs the default library included on iOS. So you need to link to it in the project in Xcode manually after the app is built in Cordova/PhoneGap. To do this, open the generated Xcode project found under platforms/ios and follow these steps:

  1. Select the App's target in Xcode
  2. Choose "Build Phases"
  3. Under the "Link Binary With Libraries" section click the '+' to add another library
  4. Choose libsqlite3.dylib and click "Add"

Android only

To properly implement the custom application subclass that initiates the beacon monitoring, edit the AndroidManifest.xml file (platforms/android/AndroidManifest.xml) to include the proper android:name tag under application for the ProximityKitCordovaAppication class. The application header should look like this:

<application android:name="com.radiusnetworks.cordova.proximitykit.ProximityKitCordovaApplication" android:hardwareAccelerated="true" android:icon="@drawable/icon" android:label="@string/app_name">

Adding the plugin will also modify other parts of your AndroidManifest.xml automatically. Please do not remove the <service>, <receiver>, and <uses-permission> elements that are added to this file or the plugin will not work properly.

ProximityKit Integration

In order to provide the necessary ProximityKit configuration data to the native apps, download the ProximityKit.plist (for iOS) and/or (for Android) for your kit. These files need to be in the following location within your project depending on the platform being built:

Platform Location of ProximityKit configuration file
iOS ./platforms/ios/<Project Name>/ProximityKit.plist
Android ./platforms/android/src/

iOS only

In addition to placing the ProximityKit.plist file inside the iOS project's directory structure, you need to add the file to the Xcode project and to the appropriate target:

  1. Open the project in Xcode
  2. Select the App's target and select "Add Files to "..." from the File menu.
  3. Locate your ProximityKit.plist file and click "Add"


By successfully adding the ProximityKit plugin to your project, there is no need to explicitly require any ProximityKit Javascript files in your own code. The plugin manifests itself in Javascript as radiusnetworks.plugins.proximitykit. There are two methods on this object: watchProximity and clearWatch.

watchProximity(successHandler, failureHandler) returns watchId

successHandler is a function that receives a message object from ProximityKit on a periodic basis. The message object always has an eventType associated with it which is a String. failureHandler is a function that receives a message containing the failure message as a String. watchId returned by the call should be stored and eventually passed into clearWatch when the callbacks are no longer needed.

eventType values:

Value Event
didSync ProximityKit synced with the server
didDetermineState State determined for region
didEnterRegion Region entered
didExitRegion Region exited
didRangeBeacon A beacon is in range

Based on the eventType, there may be additional items in the message.


No additional data.


Additional data:

Value Description
regionState 0 - state unknown, 1 - inside region, 2 - outside region
region Region data

didEnterRegion didExitRegion

Additional data:

Value Description
region Region data


Additional data:

Value Description
beacon Beacon data


Cancels callbacks from ProximityKit. This method should be called with a watchId previously returned by a call to watchProximity.

Region Data

Value Description
name Region name
identifier Region UUID
attributes ProximityKit attributes associated with the region

Beacon Data

Value Description
uuid Beacon UUID
major Beacon major value
minor Beacon minor value
rssi Beacon RSSI
proximity Beacon proximity (0 - unknown, 1 - immediate, 2 - near, 3 - far)
attributes ProximityKit attributes associated with the beacon


A number of constants for the above keys and event types are available via radiusnetworks.plugins.proximitykit.constants.


To remove the plugin from your project, run the following command:

$ cordova plugin rm com.radiusnetworks.cordova.proximitykit

You may also delete the ProximityKit.plist and/or file(s) from your project directory (and your Xcode project on iOS).


For support questions or other concerns, email