Image Resizer

Plugin for resizing images only with the uri of the image.
Joschka Schulz0.1.10
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add info.protonet.imageresizer

Image Resizer for Cordova

By: Protonet GmbH

Authors: Joschka Schulz

Adding the Plugin

Use the Cordova CLI and type in the following command:

cordova plugin add

Sample Code

At the moment the plugin is only avaible on the android and ios platform.


window.ImageResizer.resize(options, success, failed);


  • uri(String): The Uri for the image on the device to get scaled
  • folderName(String): The name of the folder the image should be put in
  • quality(Number): Quality given as Number for the quality of the new image
  • width(Number): The width of the new image,
  • height(Number): The height of the new image

Android Example

var options = {
      uri: uri,
      folderName: "Protonet Messenger",
      quality: 90,
      width: 1280,
      height: 1280};

  function(image) {
     // success: image is the new resized image
  }, function() {
    // failed: grumpy cat likes this function