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Plugin for weibo, the popular twitter-like service in China. Help user get oauth2/access_token to further access weibo content.

Please refer to weibo oauth2


  1. To install this plugin, try

    cordova plugin add https://github.com/polyvi/cordova-plugin-weibo.git

    and further follow the Command-line Interface Guide.

  2. If you are not using the Cordova Command-line Interface, follow Using Plugman to Manage Plugins.


Weibo.login(clientId, redirectUrl, success, fail);

  • login
    • clientId, the AppKey assigned by weibo service when you apply a new application
    • redirectUrl, the callback url same as in your app registration
    • success, success callback
    • fail, error callback

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

Quick Example

var clientId = "12312312313";
var redirectUrl = "http://www.server.com";

// ... later on ...

Weibo.login(clientId, redirectUrl, success, fail);