Evothings BLE API

Use the Bluetooth Low Energy plugin to connect your Phonegap app to new Bluetooth devices like heart rate monitors, thermometers, etc...
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add com.evothings.ble

Cordova BLE Plugin

The plugin has functions that allows your app to act as a BLE client. You can:

  • scan for devices
  • connect to them
  • list services, characteristics and descriptors
  • read and write characteristics and descriptors
  • request notification
  • poll RSSI (signal strength)

To build documentation, run this command: jsdoc -l -c conf.json ble.js

This plugin is implemented on Android and iOS.

See this for a general introduction to BLE programming.

See the reference documentation (source code) for details.

See EvoThingsExamples for examples.