Cordova Plugin for iOS Touch ID
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platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add io.monaca.touchid

iOS Touch ID Plugin for Cordova / PhoneGap

This is a Cordova Plugin for using Touch ID sensor equipped with iPhone 5s. You need to build with iOS 8 SDK or the compile will fail.


  • iOS 8


Install with cordova plugin or plugman command. The JavaScript module will be injected automatically.

$ cordova plugin add


monaca.touchid.auth(successCallback, failCallback, message);

Displays Touch ID authentication screen, and ask for user fingerprint.

  • successCallback: Called when the fingerprint matches the registered data.
  • failCallback: Called when the dialog is cancelled.
  • message: Message to display in the input dialog. Can be any string.

Sample App

You can see the sample app from the following GitHub repo.

"Touch ID Sample"

How to Use

Described in our blog post. See the post here.


Copyright by Monaca. Distributed under Apache 2.0 License.