Cordova EmailComposer Plugin
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add com.badrit.EmailComposer

EmailComposer plugin for Phonegap 3 (Android, Ios)

This Plugin is inspired from EmailComposer plugin


Adding the Plugin to your project

for phonegap 3 (CLI)

phonegap local plugin add

Using the plugin

Callable interface:




**ATTENTION:** the callback will never be triggered, it's here only for consistency with the iOS plugin

- callback: never used
- subject: a string representing the subject of the email; can be null
- body: a string representing the email body (could be HTML code, in this case set **isHtml** to **true**); can be null
- toRecipients: a js array containing all the email addresses for TO field; can be null/empty
- ccRecipients: a js array containing all the email addresses for CC field; can be null/empty
- bccRecipients: a js array containing all the email addresses for BCC field; can be null/empty
- isHtml: a bool value indicating if the body is HTML or plain text
- attachments: a js array containing all full paths to the files you want to attach; can be null/empty


    window.plugins.emailComposer.showEmailComposerWithCallback(null,"Look at this photo","Take a look at this:",["", ""],[],[],true,["_complete_path/image.jpg", "_other_complete_path/"]);