Cordova plugin that enables event queueing for SCION (SCXML interpreter) in Android.
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add de.dfki.iui.mmir.QueuePlugin


Cordova 3 plugin for a "native" (i.e. platform dependent) implementation for a SCION event-queue:

the queue allows to raise / generate new events from within the SCION event loop.

By default, SCION allows new events only after the current event has been completely processed. With this plugin, instead of throwing an error, new events are queued, if another event is currently processed.

NOTE: For this to work, SCION's gen() function must be modified to use the plugin. For an example, see usage in manager/dialog/engineConfig.js in the MMIR library: by default engineConfig.js uses an implementation based on HTML5 WebWorkers for implementing the event-queue for SCION; if the environment does not support WebWorkers, the implementation tries to use this plugin instead.


Assuming that Cordova 3 is installed, run the following command within a Cordova project

cordova plugin add https://github.com/mmig/mmir-plugin-scionqueue.git

(this assumes that the Cordova project was created according to the Cordova CLI Guide)

Supported Platforms
  • Android