Date / Time Picker

Cordova Date Time Picker Plugin to utilise the native Windows Phone 8 toolkit date and time selectors.
Lee Crossley (, based on the plugin by Jaakko Santala0.4.15
platforms: wp8
$ cordova plugin add

Date Time Picker Plugin

for Apache Cordova (Windows Phone 8)


cordova plugin add

Currently requires you to include the Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit and Coding4Fun.Toolkit.Controls (both available via nuget), although I'm working to break this dependency.

Coding4Fun.Toolkit.Controls is used for the timepicker, as the default WPToolkit implementation does not support intervals (steps), such as being able to only select 15 minute intervals.


You do not need to reference any JavaScript, the Cordova plugin architecture will add a datetimepicker object to your root automatically when you build.

Ensure you use the plugin after your deviceready event has been fired.


var onDateSelected = function (date) {
    console.log(new Date(parseInt(date, 10)));


Once the date is selected, the callback function onDateSelected will log the selected date (as a JavaScript Date object) to the console.




Windows Phone 8 support only.


This plugin is based on code written by sbregnov and hypermurea.


MIT License