Calendar plugin for iOS and Android
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add

Calendar Plugin for Cordova / Phonegap

This plugins allows (limited) access to the calendar APIs on iOS and Android

Adding the Plugin to your project

  1. cordova plugin add
  2. There is no step two


Creating an event

    'Title of the event',
    'Location of the event',
    'Description of the event',
    0, // Start date as a timestamp in ms
    0, // End date as a timestamp in ms
    false, // Whether it is an all day event or not,
    successCallback, // function called on success
    errorCallback // function called on error


  • The only API that is implemented is createEvent. If you have a need for the other apis, feel free to implement them and send a pull request :)
  • On Android, this plugin uses an undocumented API (that was finally documented in Jelly Bean). As such it may not work on pre 4.0 devices.


The code in this plugin was mostly lifted from existing plugins and updated for the latest versions of cordova (3.x).



MIT License