OSMap PhoneGap Plugin

Ordnance Survey Map Loader retriving base64 encoded image from OS Map SDK
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add com.feedhenry.phonegap.osmap

Offline map PhoneGap Plugin

This plugin connects to a native implenetation which reads map tiles from a sqlite database. The plugin consists of:

  • Native Sqlite DB loader
  • Native PhoneGap Plugin
  • Js PhoneGap Plugin
  • Leaflet.js
  • Leafletjs Tile plugin


For plugin developers, there is a build-www.py python script to build and generate production version of the plugin.


To install the plugin, goto cordova project root folder and run

cordova plugins add https://github.com/Keyang/osmap-pg.git

The installation will do the following:

  • Embed plugin export module to cordova_plugin.js file as like other plugins
  • Generate osmap.js file in the root of www folder
  • Generate osmap.css file in the root of www folder

The generated files will only display in platforms folder once run cordova prepare


Once the plugins is installed, we can use it from hybrid app.


Add following lines to your cordova project's index.html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="osmap.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="osmap.css"/>

the osmap.js will include leaflet.js map library and osmap tile plugin while osmap.css file will introduce the required css for map rendering.


OSMapTile is a leaflet.js tile plugin specifically for osmap phonegap plugin. It is used to retrieve map tiles from osmap phonegap plugin and render it on map. The usage is very simple:

var map=L.map("mymap");
var ostileLayer=new L.TileLayer.OSmapTile(options);

The options are standard leaflet tile layer options which can be found here.

Leaftlet.js map

Once the tile being added to leaflet.js map, it has full functionality of leaflet.js. Leaflet.js API doc can be found here.

osmap lib

osmap is a PhoneGap plugin responsible for all mapping data related activities. It has following functions:

  • Retrive mapping tiles from database based on x,y,z parameter. The x,y,z parameters are following slippy map tilename

osmap is an object attached to browser's window object. It has following functions:

  • getMapTile (options, successcb, failcb): this function is called internally inside osmaptilelayer to retrieve tile data.


Get a map tile from PhoneGap plugin returninng base64 encoded PNG image


   x:int, x coord
   y:int, y coord 
   z:int, zoom level

successcb: successful callback function(base64encodedimgdata)

failcb: failed callback function(error)