Full Screen Image

Show image in full screen mode with native components.
keensoft (http://keensoft.es/)1.0.09
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add es.keensoft.fullscreenimage

Full Screen Image Plugin Cordova iOS/Android

Plugin to show images from cordova project and use it with native components.


cordova plugin add https://github.com/keensoft/FullScreenImage-Cordova-Plugin.git

OR from http://plugins.cordova.io/

cordova plugin add es.keensoft.fullscreenimage


Images should be inside www/pathOfImage

Usage with your javascript code: FullScreenImage.showImageURL(imageSrc);


  • iOS ( >= iOS 6) Full Screen Image Plugin, open UIDocumentInteractionController to show image.

  • Android Full Screen Image Plugin, use Intent to open it with external Imageviewer. This plugins checks Application can use getExternalStorageDirectory


cordova plugin remove FullScreenImage

Tested devices

iPad2 (iOS 7), iPhone 4S (iOS 7), iPhone 5 (iOS 7), Galaxy Note II (4.3)


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Contact: info@keensoft.es

Web: http://keensoft.es