This plugin allows your application to receive push notifications on Android, iOS and WP8 devices. Android uses Google Cloud Messaging. iOS uses Apple APNS Notifications. WP8 uses Microsoft MPNS Notifications.
Kay Schneider kay@locamat.de2.2.00
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add com.locamat.device


Cordova Plugin for Android to read the Mac Adress of the device and to login an given user with oauth via google account as described in this blogpost:


  • window.plugins.locamat.getMac( successCallbackFunction, errorCallback );

-->receives the current mac address, but be awere somethines you receive an error when the wifi is turned off or other issues. Dont trust the mac ;)

  • window.plugins.locamat.getToken( successCallbackFunction, errorCallback );

-->authenticate the current user of the device in "silent mode" so there isnt any popup from google to authenticate the user, but your app needs the "Get Accounts" permission. If you have this you can authenticate the user via oauth against google servers and you can use this to identify the user in your backend to store user data or something else.