WebView Debug

Enables debugging of WebViews within Android for Cordova Apps
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add com.jamiestarke.webviewdebug

WebViewDebug Android Plugin for Cordova 3.2

By Jamie Starke

Please note that as of Cordova 3.3.0, this functionality is supported directly by Cordova, and this plugin is not required.

Why do you want this?

As of Android 4.4, Google has enabled some amazing new functionality, Debugging Android WebViews.

To be able to enable this functionality though, you have to add a piece of code to Configure your WebViews for Debugging

Since this was something I would need while developing, but not during production, I figured that I would make this as a plugin, so it could easily be removed before I release my code.


You will require the Android 4.4 (SDK 19) build tools and SDK.

The platforms/android/project.properties file will need to be updated so that target=android-19 as this was functionality added in Android 4.4.

You may also have to change your Android Target from 17 to 19. Follow that post, but instead of using 18 use 19.

Adding the Plugin to your project

  1. To install the plugin, use the Cordova CLI and enter the following:

    cordova plugin add https://github.com/jrstarke/webview-debug.git

Removing the plugin before you release

  1. To remove the plugin use the Cordova CLI and enter the following:

    cordova plugin remove com.jamiestarke.webviewdebug

To Debug WebViews

Make sure that you have adb installed, and that USB debugging is enabled on your device.

  1. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. In your Chrome 30+ browser, open the url about:inspect.
  3. Find the application you would like to debug in the list, and click the inspect link.


Copyright 2013 Jamie Starke

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