This adds Rentzsch's JRSwizzle for Correctly Done Method Swizzling using corvenient methods attached directly to NSObject.
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add org.rentzsch.jrswizzle


A "plugin" for Phonegap to add JRSwizzle to the iOS part of your project when you need that.

It's designed to be plugin play (hah hah hah) so have at it.


Inside of your phonegap project, run this:

cordova plugin add https://github.com/joedski/phonegap-jrswizzle

You can probably use Plugman too. I dunno.


I tried to include JRSwizzle using a git submodule as per the installation instructions, but it seems Cordova does not yet handle those. Hm.


The ... uh. ... well, there's not really much here, is there? JRSwizzle code is under MIT so there's that. The plugin.xml doesn't really have anything copyright worthy in it, though, since anyone can arrive at that given form. So whatever.

Note: The direct inclusion of JRSwizzle source code does not imply a change of licensing of any code therein. Not that that means much since it's MIT and MIT is like super permissive, but just being explicit and stuff.