Cordova/Phonegap plugin for Flurry mobile analytics
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add com.phonegap.plugins.Flurry



cordova plugin add https://github.com/jfpsf/flurry-phonegap-plugin.git


Unfortunately the policy of Flurry doesn't allow to include the SDK in this repository, so:

  • you'll have to go to flurry.com
  • create an account
  • create iPhone AND Android applications to download the SDK files
  • Follow the installation steps that come with the SDK files, Flurry has great documentation. Basically;
    • Android:
      • Copy FlurryAgent-*.jar lib to your lib dir manually.
      • Plugin automatically adds references to Google Play Services and Android v4 support lib.
      • If you already have android-support-v4.jar lib referenced in your project and get error messages, delete the new one in your libs folder.
    • iOS:
      • Copy libFlurry_*.a lib to your lib dir manually.
      • Plugin automatically adds references to Security and SystemConfiguration frameworks.
      • Verify that libFlurry.a is in the Build Phases/Link Binary with Libraries and the Frameworks CFNetwork, Security and SystemConfiguration frameworks are added.


  1. Call the startSession() method, with your app key, after the device is ready (from js).
  2. Call the other Flurry plugin methods as appropriate (from js).
  3. In Android, call flurry.endSession when the app is paused and again call flurry.startSession when the app resumes, or it won't log the session.
  4. In iOS, setSessionReportsOnCloseEnabled and setSessionReportsOnPauseEnabled to log the session.



Apache 2.0