This plugin adds New Relic Mobile Monitoring to your application.
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add com.newrelic.cordova

New Relic Agent

A Cordova / PhoneGap plugin to add the New Relic Mobile Agent to your application. (Currently iOS only)

NOTE: This plugin requires Cordova / PhoneGap >= 3.3.0 in order to support installation and linking of custom frameworks.


cordova plugin install

NOTE: There is currently an issue with publishing plugins that have frameworks with symlinks. Please install using the url rather than just the identifier.


Get your mobile app's token from the New Relic portal and add it to your config.xml like so:

<preference name="NewRelicApplicationToken" value="YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" />


The code for this plugin is covered under the Apache 2 License. See the license file.

NOTE: This license only applies to the plugin code. Please see the New Relic license file for the license that applies to the New Relic framework code.