A plugin for sending sms messages
platforms: android,ios,wp8
$ cordova plugin add com.jsmobile.plugins.sms


This plugin is one of the examples of the "JavaScript Mobile Application Development" book which can be reached at:

Sms Custom Cordova Plugin:

This plugin allows you to send SMS message to a specific phone number for Android, iOS and Windows Platform 8. Here is an example below:

var messageInfo = {
    phoneNumber: "xxxxxxxxxx",
    textMessage: "This is a test message"

sms.sendMessage(messageInfo, function(message) {
    console.log("success: " + message);
}, function(error) {
    console.log("code: " + error.code + ", message: " + error.message);

As you notice you just need to call sms.sendMessage(messageInfo, successCallback, failureCallback):

  • messageInfo is a JSON object which contains phoneNumber and textMessage attributes.
  • sucessCallback is a callback function which will be called if the send SMS operation succeeds.
  • errorCallback is a callback function which will be called if the send SMS operation fails.

Installing the plugin

In order to install the plugin you can simply use the following Cordova CLI command:

cordova plugin add


cordova plugin add com.jsmobile.plugins.sms

Important Note

For iOS and Windows Phone platforms, it is not possible to send SMS directly without opening the default device SMS application. This means that the API will only open and track the SMS application events (cancel, successful sending, un-successful sending, ...etc) in iOS platform. For Windows Phone 8, the plugin will only open the SMS application without tracking its events because tracking SMS application events is not currently applicable in Windows 8 platform.

Test Client

You can reach the test client of this plugin here:

Used Resources

Special Thanks to for helping me in implementing the iOS part of this plugin:


It is Apache License, Version 2.0. Feel free to fork the project and send pull requests if you have any.