PhoneGap ScreenOrientation Plugin
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add


This plugin enables you to lock your screen orientation to either landscape or portrait from javascript on Phonegap 3.2 for Android.

Tested with Phonegap 3.2

Developed using code from:!topic/phonegap/LsztccN3RpA And following the tutorial from:


  1. Move to your phonegap project folder and run (after you have created the project and added the android platform): phonegap local plugin add

  2. Now you can use screenOrientation.set() method as follows (after the deviceready event has been emited): var success = function() { console.log('Success'); alert("Success"); }; var error = function(message) { console.log('Oopsie! ' + message); alert('Oopsie! ' + message); }; screenOrientation.set('landscape',success,error);

  • Seems that callback functions are not working and I haven't managed to figure out why that is just yet.