Twitter Plugin

Helper to get accessToken and post tweets
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add org.phonegap.plugins.twitter


Twitter plugin for Phonegap 3 (tested with 3.4.0) using Twitter4j and InAppBrowser to prompt a user to login to an application and post tweets.



First you must create and setup your app at Once done call the following method within your onDeviceReady method, like so:

    // initialize twitter
        consumerKey: "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY",
        consumerSecret: "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET",
        callbackUrl: "YOUR_APP_CALLBACK_URL"

Prompting user for login

    twitter.login(function(token) {
        // success

    }, function(e) {
        // error

The returned token object contains the following properties

    (String) oauth_token = oAuth Token 
    (String) oauth_token_secret = oAuth Token Secret
    (Long)   user_id = userId of logged in user
    (String) screen_name = screenName of the logged in user

Post a tweet

Accepts an object with the properties

    message = String of message to send
    mediaPath = virtual path of media you want to post (optional)

Example code

This code will prompt the user to login, and upon a successful login, it will post a tweet

twitter.login(function(token) {
    // login successful
            message: "I am tweeting using Twitter Phonegap Plugin"
        function() {
            alert("tweet successful");
        function(e) {
            alert("error occurred while tweeting");
}, function(e) {
    // error logging in