Add PayPal support with MPL SDK (Mobile Payment Library, not new SDK) to your cordova apps or games
Liming Xie1.0.03
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add com.rjfun.cordova.plugin.paypalmpl

PayPalMPL Plugin

Can support PayPal in cordova/phonegap app? Yes, you can!

This is the PayPal Cordova Plugin for Android and iOS. It provides a way to request PayPal natively from JavaScript. This plugin was updated for Cordova 3.0.0, and tested with the PayPal MPL iOS 2.0.1/Android SDK.

It's for PayPal classic library MPL (Mobile Payment Library), not for new PayPal SDK. As it's stated by PayPal, new SDK is only available for US currently, not for other country yet. The SDK can be downloaded from PayPal website, or just clone to get some common used SDK:

How to use?

To install this plugin, follow the Command-line Interface Guide.

cordova plugin add

Check the in sub folder for details.

How to use it in javascript

    function onDeviceReady() {

            alert('game coins purchased, enjoy gaming.');

            alert('sorry that payment failed, please try again later.');

        if( window.plugins && window.plugins.PayPalMPL ) {
    var ppm = window.plugins.PayPalMPL;

            var isTesting = false;
            var appID = isTesting ? 'APP-80W284485P519543T' : 'APP-0HN45655HA567492N';
            var appEnv = isTesting ? ppm.PaymentEnv.ENV_SANDBOX : ppm.PaymentEnv.ENV_LIVE;

            ppm.initWithAppID( {
                  'appId': appID,
                  'appEnv': appEnv,
                  }, function(){
                      window.plugins.PayPalMPL.isReady = true;
                  }, function(){

    function buyGameCoin( n ) {
        if( window.plugins && window.plugins.PayPalMPL ) {
            var ppm = window.plugins.PayPalMPL;
                'lang' : 'en_US',
                'paymentType' : ppm.PaymentType.TYPE_GOODS,
                'showPayPalButton': -1,
                'paymentCurrency' : 'USD',
                'subTotal' : 1.99,
                'recipient' : '',
                'description' : 'game coins (' + n + ')',
                'merchantName' : 'rjfun'
            }, function() {
      {}, function() {
                    // alert( 'paypal pay done' );
                }, function() {
                    alert('paypal pay failed');
            }, function() {
                alert('paypal setPaymentInfo failed');
        } else {
            alert( 'PayPalMPL plugin not loaded.' );