Payment processing and access to all the major payment gateways.
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add iOS plug-in for iOS Apache Cordova/Adobe Phone Gap

This plug-in provides access to all major payment gateways using the api.

Integration instructions

  • Add the library:

  • Add this plug-in:

    • Add PaymentGatewayIOPlugin.[h|m] to your project (Plugins group).
    • Copy PaymentGatewayIOPlugin.js to your project's www folder. (If you don't have a www folder yet, run in the Simulator and follow the instructions in the build warnings.)
    • Add e.g. <script type="text/javascript" src="js/PaymentGatewayIOPlugin.js"></script> to your html.
    • See PaymentGatewayIOPlugin.js for detailed usage information.
    • Add the following to config.xml, for PhoneGap version 3.0+:

      <feature name="PaymentGatewayIOPlugin">
        <param name="ios-package" value="PaymentGatewayIOPlugin" />

      for older versions under the plugins tag:

      <plugin name="PaymentGatewayIOPlugin" value="PaymentGatewayIOPlugin" />
    • Sample pay usage:

      //[ STEP 1: create our message
      var message = {
          pgio_api_key: ""a092cd65-9ef0-4c84-3dd2-0d3eb702acb9"",
          gateway: "authorizenet",
          type:  "sale",
          credentials: {
              api_login_id: "2bGt4dgzA4",
              transaction_key: "8We2fE62q87sLQ9c",
              sandbox: true
          card_info: {
              account_name: "Test User",
              account_number: "4111111111111111",
              account_type: "VISA",
              expires_month: "07",
              expires_year: "2014",
              secure_code: "028",
              company: "Extiris",
              address: "123 Somewhereout Tr",
              city: "Grand Rapids",
              state: "MI",
              zip: "49503"
          amount: 1.31,
          options: {
              customer_id: "123456"
          loading: function(){
              // triggered before our payment request is sent
              console.log("TEST: PGIORequest.loading");
          response: function(data){
              // triggered upon successful request from server
              console.log("TEST: PGIORequest.response: ", data);
          exception: function(error){
              console.log("TEST: PGIORequest.exception: ", error);
          error: function(data){
              // triggered on a server failure
              console.log("TEST: PGIORequest.error: ", data);
          complete: function(){
              // triggered when everything is all complete
              console.log("TEST: PGIORequest.complete");
      //[ STEP 2: send payment request