Evothings BLE API

This plugin allows your app to act as a Bluetooth Low Energy client.
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add com.evothings.ble

Cordova BLE Plugin

This plugin implements BLE support for Android and iOS. Enable your Cordova and PhoneGap mobile applications to communicate with all sorts of BLE devices.

Available functionality:

  • Scan for BLE devices
  • Establish connections
  • List services, characteristics and descriptors
  • Read and write the values of characteristics and descriptors
  • Request notification of changes to the values of characteristics
  • Poll RSSI (signal strength) of a device

Use Evothings Studio for fast and easy BLE mobile app development

This plugin is used in Evothings Studio, and is compatible with Apache Cordova and PhoneGap.

Evothings Studio is a development and prototyping tool for making Cordova/PhoneGap apps. With Evothings Studio the edit/run turn-around cycle is just a second or two, which is much faster compared to the traditional method of rebuilding the Cordova project for each update.

Evothings Studio Workflow

See Evothings Examples for comprehensive examples of mobile apps that communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy, and which you can use for your own projects to get quickly up and running.


Reference documentation is available in the ble.js source file.

To build the documentation using jsdoc, run this command:

jsdoc -l -c conf.json ble.js

The file introduction.md contains a general introduction to BLE programming.

Getting started tutorial

Read the BLE app development tutorial to get started with your BLE mobile application.

BLE Mobile App Development Video

Download Evothings Studio

Download Evothings Studio now - it is fun and easy to get started. And it is all open source!