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PDF Reader cordova plugin for IOS 7+ (based on Reader


I've crafted this open source PDF reader code for fellow iOS developers struggling with wrangling PDF files onto iOS device screens.

The code is universal and does not require any XIBs (as all UI elements are code generated, allowing for greatest flexibility). It runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 6.0 and up. Also supported are the Retina displays in all new devices and is ready to be fully internationalized. The idea was to provide a complete project template that you could start building from, or, just pull the required files into an existing project to enable PDF reading/viewing in your app(s).

iPad Page

iPad Thumbs

iPod Page

iPod Thumbs


Multithreaded: The UI is always quite smooth and responsive.


  • iBooks-like document navigation.
  • Device rotation and all orientations.
  • Encrypted (password protected) PDFs.
  • PDF links (URI and go to page).
  • PDFs with rotated pages.
  • PDFs with landscape double page feature


To install from command line:

cordova plugin add com.lesfrancschatons.cordova.plugins.pdfreader


phonegap local plugin add com.lesfrancschatons.cordova.plugins.pdfreader


Supported URI scheme: file For other schemes, please download it first with cordova plugin fileTransfer.

//Open a pdf'absolutepath.pdf', options, success, error);

//Available options
    password: null,
    flatUI: true,
    showShadows: true,
    enableThumbs: true,
    disableRetina: false,
    enablePreview: true,
    bookmarks: true,
    landscapeDoublePage: true,
    landscapeSingleFirstPage: true,
    toolbarBackgroundColor: null,
    textColor: null,
    enableShare: false

//Event when PDF Reader is closed
document.addEventListener('PDFReaderClosed', function() {console.log('closed');})

//Clear PDF Reader cache
PDFReader.clearCache(filePath, finishedCallback);

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