Bluetooth Serial

Bluetooth Serial Communication Plugin for ConnectBlue BTLE modules
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add net.esalazar.cordova.ConnectblueSerial

Bluetooth Serial Plugin for PhoneGap

This plugin enables serial communication over BT 4.0 LE on iOS talking to serial devices connected to a ConnectBlue OLP421 serial to bluetooth device in low power mode

The interface is modeled after the BluetoothSerial plugin and where the names match up, should behave similarly.

The big differences are with subscribe and unsubscribe and the lack of other read methods. The reason for this is just simplicity. Data streams from the device and you have to be ready to consume it in your app.



  • connectblueSerial.list
  • connectblueSerial.connect
  • connectblueSerial.disconnect
  • connectblueSerial.write
  • connectblueSerial.subscribe
  • connectblueSerial.unsubscribe
  • connectblueSerial.isConnected