Barcode Scanner Plugin
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add com.xocialize.cordova.xocializescanner


Native IOS barcode scanner for Cordova. Requires IOS 7 for AV Foundation native barcode implementation.


This is a very basic barcode scanner and one of my very first plugins. Much could be horribly wrong but at least it's working for me. Feel free to fork and improve.

Barcode scanning works best whith iPhone 4s or better and iPad 3 or better due to their higher density cameras.

If you need to scan barcodes for older devices try to use QRCode as it is better recognized by older devices.


To add the barcode scanner to your Cordova project install with the command line tools:

cordova plugin add https://github.com/dunielson/XocializeScanner


To execute the plugin use something like:

var params = {};

params.AztecCode = true;



        console.log('barcode: '+data[0]+' Type: '+data[1]);


The plugin returns an array with 3 string elements:

[0] The barcode

[1] The barcode type

[2] Status ( 0 = cancelled / 1 = success )


By default the scanner will look for PDF417Code, QRCode and EAN13Code.

You can override and return other barcodes supported by AV Foundation by sending in params.

var params = {};

params.AztecCode = true;

Inversely you can disable barcodes by using:

var params = {};

params.QRCode = false;

Or a combination of both:

var params = {};

params.AztecCode = true;
params.QRCode = false;

A list of available barcode types:

PDF417Code, QRCode, EAN13Code, UPCECode, Code39Code, Code39Mod43Code, EAN8Code, Code93Code, Code128Code, AztecCode