Dolby Audio Plug-in for Cordova

Dolby Audio Post Processing Plugin for Cordova
platforms: android,amazon-fireos
$ cordova plugin add com.dolby.dax

            Dolby Audio Plug-in for Cordova                

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Release: Dolby Audio Plug-in for Cordova Version:

August 29th, 2014

This deliverable consists of a Dolby Audio Plug-in for Cordova and documents that enables mobile developers to access, enable, and benefit from the Dolby technology incorporated in licensed mobile devices.

Cordova developers can add this into their project and use these APIs.

For example, a developer can set one of four predefined profiles: Music, Movie, Game, and Voice. Each of these profiles is tuned to achieve the best audio quality in its particular use case. Dolby technology optimizes audio quality, enhancing the experience for anyone listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, or using voice-focused applications.

The detail usage infomation, please refer to Documents Folder and visit