Distimo SDK

This is the official plugin for the Distimo SDK in Apache Cordova/PhoneGap. The DistimoSDK plugin for Apache Cordova allows you to use Distimo Conversion Tracking in combination with your apps created with Apache PhoneGap/Cordova. For more information, visit http://www.distimo.com/conversion-tracking.
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add com.distimo.sdk.cordova



Distimo provides the #1 free app analytics platform for developers, alongside the most accurate market data for any app globally, all integrated into one intuitive, highly customizable and easy to use platform. Distimo firmly believes in empowering every player in the mobile marketplace with the most accurate data. Our platform lets developers track downloads, revenue and conversions for various campaigns in their own app, across multiple app stores, at no cost.

Distimo SDK

The Distimo SDK PhoneGap Plugin is part of Distimo's Conversion Tracking solution. It enables tracking of marketing performance per campaign and makes it easy for app developers to measure which of their marketing efforts and campaigns yield the best results, and are most effective in terms of revenue and app installs.

All details on the features of Distimo Conversion Tracking are available in our knowledge base. More detailed information on how to use and integrate the Distimo SDK within your apps is available in the SDK documentation in Distimo App Analytics (registration required).

Note: The Distimo SDK only works with a valid SDK Key, which should and can only be created from within Distimo App Analytics (registration required).