Control activity indicator. Forked from
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.plugins.NotificationEx

Updated 11/13/2013:

  • To install, cordova plugin add

    • Oh, but ya know sometimes things get out of sync so you have to re-add the ios platform. Thank you SO!
      echo "Killing xcode..."
      kill $(ps aux | grep 'Xcode' | awk '{print $2}')
      rm -r platforms/ios
      rm plugins/ios.json
      cordova platforms add ios
      cordova build ios
      open platforms/ios/*.xcodeproj
  • To remove, cordova plugin rm org.apache.cordova.plugins.NotificationEx

  • Haven't updated the code to use arc yet, so after installation you must disable it for LoadingView.m under Target > Build Phases > Compile Sources with the flag -fno-objc-arc. See (Removed this feature)

NotificationEx - Adding the Plugin to your project

These are removed functions from PhoneGap core (Notification.loadingStart/Stop, and Notification.activityStart/Stop) Using this plugin requires iPhone PhoneGap 1.0.0

  1. Add all the .h and .m files to your Plugins folder in your project
  2. Add the .js files to your "www" folder on disk, and add a reference to the .js file as <script> tags in your html file(s)
  3. In your project's PhoneGap.plist, find the Plugins section. Add a new entry under there, the key is "NotificationEx", value is "NotificationEx".
  4. See the sample index.html for usage examples


NotificationEx plugin is MIT licensed except for the code below:

UIColorExpanded.h,.m is unknown currently, I have e-mailed the author.

LoadingView.h,.m license is licensed "zlib" style