Social Authentication Plugin

Simple Social Authentication (Twitter/Facebook) for integrated OS accounts
Daniel C. Wilson0.1.021
platforms: ios
$ cordova plugin add com.danielcwilson.plugins.socialauth


Cordova (PhoneGap) 3.0+ Plugin to authenticate with Facebook/Twitter accounts on iOS


  • Prerequisite: A Cordova 3.0+ project for iOS 6+
  • Prerequisite: App(s) are set up properly in the corresponding developer sites
  • This is designed to only work with accounts tied to the OS (set up in Settings). This does not include fallbacks to use a web-based auth if no accounts are found.


This plugin follows the Cordova 3.0 plugin spec, so it can be installed through the Cordova CLI in your existing Cordova project:

cordova plugin add

If you are not using the CLI, follow the steps in the section Installing Without the CLI

Once installed, you will need to modify SocialAuthPlugin.m to add your App ID for Facebook and your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for Twitter:

#define TW_CONSUMER_KEY              @""
#define TW_CONSUMER_SECRET           @""
#define FB_APP_ID                    @""

This will likely change in the future... once I determine a better way to avoid having to modify the Objective C files.

JavaScript Usage

(After 'deviceready' has been called)

Login to Facebook:

  • window.socialAuth.accessFacebook(function success() {}, function error() {}) If permission is granted, returns access token and basic profile info. If not granted, it returns "Error"

Check if one or more Twitter accounts are available (this is the entry point for the Twitter flow):

  • window.socialAuth.isTwitterAvailable(function success() {}, function error() {}) If permission is granted, returns account. If not granted, it returns "Error"

Get all available Twitter usernames:

  • window.socialAuth.returnTwitterAccounts(function success() {}, function error() {}) On success, returns an array of strings

Perform Reverse Auth (to get OAuth tokens needed for logins):

  • window.socialAuth.performTwitterReverseAuthentication(function success() {}, function error() {}, username) On success, returns a string with necessary tokens (in OAUth form, like a query string)

Developer Site Configuration

If your app is not working as expected, it is likely due a configuration setting with the corresponding app set up on Facebook or Twitter.


  • You will need a corresponding app set up at the developer site
  • Most settings can be disabled/sandboxed, but the Bundle ID setting should match your iOS project
  • The App ID shown here will need to be added to SocialAuthPlugin.m as FB_APP_ID, discussed earlier


  • You will need a corresponding app set up at the developer site
  • Verify Sign in with Twitter is enabled

Installing Without the CLI

Copy the files manually into your project and add the following to your config.xml files:

<feature name="SocialAuth">  
  <param name="ios-package" value="SocialAuthPlugin" />