Google Universal Analytics Plugin

Simple tracking (screens/events) for Google Analytics SDK 3.0 (iOS/Android)
Daniel C. Wilson0.6.1189
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add com.danielcwilson.plugins.googleanalytics


Cordova (PhoneGap) 3.0+ Plugin to connect to Google's native Universal Analytics SDK 3.0


  • A Cordova 3.0+ project for iOS and/or Android
  • A Mobile App property through the Google Analytics Admin Console


This plugin follows the Cordova 3.0 plugin spec, so it can be installed through the Cordova CLI in your existing Cordova project:

cordova plugin add

The plugin.xml file will add the Google Analytics SDK files for Android and/or iOS. Follow Google's steps if you need to update these later. Also make sure to review the Google Analytics terms and SDK Policy

If you are not using the CLI, follow the steps in the section Installing Without the CLI

JavaScript Usage

In your 'deviceready' handler, set up your Analytics tracker:

  •'UA-XXXX-YY') where UA-XXXX-YY is your Google Analytics Mobile App property

To track a Screen (PageView):

  •'Screen Title')

To track an Event:

  •'Category', 'Action', 'Label', Value) Label and Value are optional, Value is numeric

To track an Exception:

  •'Description', Fatal) where Fatal is boolean

To track User Timing (App Speed):

  •'Category', IntervalInMilliseconds, 'Variable', 'Label') where IntervalInMilliseconds is numeric

To add a Transaction (Ecommerce)

  •'ID', 'Affiliation', Revenue, Tax, Shipping, 'Currency Code') where Revenue, Tax, and Shipping are numeric

To add a Transaction Item (Ecommerce)

  •'ID', 'Name', 'SKU', 'Category', Price, Quantity, 'Currency Code') where Price and Quantity are numeric

To add a Custom Dimension

  •'Key', 'Value', success, error)

To set a UserId:


To enable verbose logging:


Installing Without the CLI

Copy the files manually into your project and add the following to your config.xml files:

<feature name="UniversalAnalytics">
  <param name="ios-package" value="UniversalAnalyticsPlugin" />
<feature name="UniversalAnalytics">
  <param name="android-package" value="" />

You also will need to manually add the Google Analytics SDK files:

  • Download the Google Analytics SDK 3.0 for iOS and/or Android
  • For iOS, add the downloaded Google Analytics SDK header files and libraries according to the Getting Started documentation
  • For Android, add libGoogleAnalyticsServices.jar to your Cordova Android project's /libs directory and build path

Integrating with Lavaca

The lavaca directory includes a component that can be added to a Lavaca project. It offers a way to use the web analytics.js when the app is running in the browser and not packaged as Cordova.

  • Copy AnalyticsService.js to your Lavaca project (I create a directory under js/app called data).
  • In your config files (local.json, staging.json, production.js) create properties called google_analytics_id (for the Mobile App UA property) and google_analytics_web_id (for the Web UA property) and set the appropriate IDs or leave blank as needed.
  • In any file you want to track screen views or events, require AnalyticsService and use the methods provided.
var analyticsService = require('app/data/AnalyticsService');