AppInfo Plugin

Makes the app version number (android:versionName on Android, CFBundleVersion on iOS, and WMAppManifest.xml App Version on WP8) accessible through a new method navigator.appinfo.getVersion().
platforms: android,ios,wp8
$ cordova plugin add org.scriptotek.appinfo


Provides a single function navigator.appInfo.getVersion() to get the app version number across platforms, using android:versionName on Android, CFBundleVersion on iOS and the WMAppManifest.xml on Windows Phone 8. Thanks to @thomas-mullaly) for the WP8 implementation.

Can be installed using the Cordova CLI:

cordova plugin add

If you are not using the Cordova Command-line Interface, you might try Using Plugman to Manage Plugins.

The plugin has only been tested with Cordova 3.0.0, and might require modifications to work with older versions of Cordova.

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone 8


navigator.appInfo.getVersion(function(args) {
    alert('Me is at v. ' + args);