NetSwipe payment card scanner API Plugin
Clearbon, Inc. (Adalbert Wysocki)0.1.03
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add com.clearbon.cordova.netswipe


Plugin to integrate NetSwipe SDK from Jumio into Cordova/PhoneGap based applications.

Note that this plugin is not from Jumio.


NetSwipe Cordova plugin allows intergrating the NetSwipe SDK from Jumio into your mobile applications.

NetSwipe truns your mobile phone into a payment card scanner that accepts and validates cards. NetSwipe is more accurate in recognizing card information than similar SDK. It also includes recognition of expiration date, card holder name on card, includes a manual capture with customizable fields.

NetSwipe is a commerical product and a proper commercial license is required for this plugin to work.

Contact Jumio sales department for more information (


The following is required for this plugin to work:

  • Cordova v3.0.0+
  • NetSwipe SDK for iOS v2.0.0+ & iOS 6.0+ (for iOS integration only)
  • NetSwipe SDK for Android v2.0.0+ & Android 4.0+ (API level 14) (for Android integration only)
  • Product license and API access codes obtained from Jumio

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android


Install the plugin:

cordova plugin add com.clearbon.cordova.netswipe

Then follow NetSwipe SDK implementation guides for each platform to install the SDK.

Additional steps


Based on NetSwipe iOS implementation guide:

  • Link the required farmeworks
  • Add the required linking flags
  • Validate the architectures
  • Create a group in Frameworks for NetSwipe libs by dragging&droping the NetswipeMobileSDK dir to Frameworks group in your project (link & create groups)


Based on NetSwipe Android implementation guide:

  • Add proguard entries
  • copy the jar from the NetSwipeSDK/libs dir to your project libs dir
  • copy all resources from NetSwipeSDK/res dir to your project res dir



Init the plugin with NetSwipe app key and secret.


Request card scan

CardScanner.scanCard(options, successCallback, errorCallback)
  • options: key/value pairs enabling/disabling features and configuring the look&feel. Supported options:
Name Values Description
cardHolderNameRequired 1 (default) / 0 enbales the capture of the card holder
expiryRequired 1 (default) / 0 enbales the capture of the expiration date
cvvRequired 1 (default) / 0 enbales the capture of the cvv
manualEntryEnabled 1 (default) / 0 enbales the manual entry flow
sortCodeAndAccountNumberRequired 1 / 0 (default) enables the identification of the sort code and account number
  • successCallback(cardInfo): function called after a successful scan

Important: do not forget to reset the variables values once you used them.

Name Type Description
cardNumber String card number
expiryMonth String card expiration month
expiryYear String card expiration year
cvv String verification code
cardHolderName String card holder name
sortCode String sort code
accountNumber String account number
cardNumberManuallyEntered int whether the card number was entered manually or not
  • errorCallback(error): function called after a successful scan
Name Type Description
code String Error code
message String Error message

See NetSwipe SDK documentation for the list of error codes and associated messages.


    manualEntryEnabled: 0,
    sortCodeAndAccountNumberRequired: 1
}, function (cardInfo) {
   console.log('Success: [Card #:' + cardInfo.cardNumber + ', Exp Date:' + cardInfo.expiryMonth + '/' + cardInfo.expiryYear + ', cvv:' + cardInfo.cvv);               
}, function (error) {
   console.log('Error [Code:' + error.code + ', Message: ' + error.message);


The following features are not yet exposed:

  • customize theme
  • add custom fields