Create a JavaScript function to return true|false if the device is a phone.
Koury Lape0.0.2-dev0
platforms: ios,android
$ cordova plugin add local.plugin.phonecheck

Cordova Phone Check Plugin

The purpose of the Phone Check plugin is to check to see if the user's device can make a phone call and returns a string that can be used to hide and show elements. For example - hide tel:// links if the user cannot make calls.

Suported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android


The plugin can installed to the local environment or via the Cordova CLI

Adding the Plugin via Cordova

cordova plugin add

Removing the Plugin

cordova plugin remove local.plugin.phonecheck

Using the Plugin

The plugin creates and uses the object PhoneCheck.status and returns the following strings:

  • CANCALL - the user can make phone calls
  • IMPOSSIBLE - it's impossible for the user to make calls (ever)
  • INACTIVE - (iOS only) the user can make calls but not at the moment (ie: Airplane Mode, no SIM, etc.))
  • UNKNOWN - the details of the user's device could not be retrieved


The following script checks if the user can call and shows a hidden element:

if(PhoneCheck.status === 'CANCALL') {
  document.querySelector('#MY_ID').style.display = 'block';